Real Life Women

What real, unique, and extraordinary women have said about working with The Stylery Co


“Majella. What an amazing gift to the world.

Not only can you style like a queen but you do it with such grace and humility. When I first spoke with you it was obvious your interest was genuine and I immediately felt safe in what seemed like such an overwhelming process. Not only did you ensure you understood my individual journey but you supported me through to an outcome that was so empowering.”



“Majella is the bomb! She helped me clear out what I have been holding onto for years, that simply didn't represent who I am anymore. She knows her stuff, but most importantly, ensures you feel comfortable and at ease through the whole experience! It helped clarify for me, what was missing, and how to shop with a plan rather than adhoc items that just don't work cohesively! Loved the process and our ongoing friendship!”




“Majella is amazing! She makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable during your shopping experience. It’s almost like having a fun day shopping with a friend. The whole day runs smoothly as the preparation is all done. When you walk into the stores she has chosen, everything is already placed on your own rack so you are making the most of the valuable time not having to sort through clothes throughout the store.

Majella takes everything into consideration - your budget, style, lifestyle and needs, however also pushes you outside your comfort zone which we all need at times.

I would thoroughly recommend this experience to everyone. Daily dressing for me is an ease as I have endless options. It is also lovely to get compliments from people about how nice I look!” 



“Loving the fact that I’ve always got something to wear that fits me

The clothes I'm wearing are suitable for my age - and don't have holes in them!!!

It’s the start of a broader de-cluttering process - I'm re-thinking everything - "do I actually NEED this"

That the piece that I feel best in everyone compliments me on and is not only comfortable, but also practical. I don't have to worry about spilling things or sitting on random benches!”



This is what I am here to do - let me help you.

If this sounds like you (even if you're scared to admit it) - book in a discovery call with me so we can go through what you need to do to have the opportunities, projects, grants and roles COME TO YOU (instead of having to chase everything so hard).


I hope I get to talk to you soon. I want to help you shine in a way that feels authentic, real AND exciting!

“My session with Majella is one of the greatest things I've ever done for myself. I never knew what I was doing when buying clothes or putting outfits together and probably looked like a uni kid (considering most of my clothes were that old haha)

Majella took the time to understand who I am and what my life is like and has helped me to create a wardrobe I love. It's easy to get dressed, and my self-confidence has sky-rocketed.

Whether I'm working from home and need to look good on a Skype call, I'm going to a networking event or meeting clients or having a lazy day at home with my man, I always have something to wear that makes me feel and look good.

I can't wait to work with her again, we pushed some boundaries of what I was comfortable with in my first session, and now I'm ready for more!”




“My time with Majella has been incredibly valuable.

From the Pinterest page she developed for me, I knew she would be working in with my personality and lifestyle - yet pushing the envelope ever so slightly to challenge me.

The wardrobe detox was so liberating. The most surprising part was how many of my items I kept, with clear guidance from Majella as to tailoring, adjustments and how best to work with my current items - as well as clearing all the items that really didn’t work for me. Knowing they would be sorted by Majella and donated to appropriate charities - including a charity for women looking for work - was awesome. The more people who benefit directly from my detox - the better. 


The shopping experience that followed well prepared, well paced and introduced me to many different styles and tailoring I had never considered for myself before. I was really surprised with the gems that Majella uncovered for me. With such ease she helped me to take the steps I needed to build my foundation pieces.

After the session I have found it so easy to get ready everyday - for all different occasions. I have had so many comments on how well my outfits are working for me - but more importantly - I take no time at all to decide what to wear and I’m in love with all of the combinations that I now own. I travel often and packing is an absolute breeze now with Majella’s guidance.

Her after-session service has been really fabulous. When the season changed and I wanted some reassurance on choices - Majella was quick to load me up on a suite of suggestions which work for me.


Majella has given me confidence in my choices, provided a platform to learn more about fashion and create a style I can really gel with.

Thank you so much Majella! I recommend your services to anyone keen to level up, gain confidence in their style and quit wasting time agonising over what to wear.”


“Have to say I am settling in rather well to my new wardrobe, have added a few more pieces and have a nice list ready to go for when I get to New York in a few weeks time.

Highlight of the experience (there where so many) would be getting rid of all the crap I had taking up all of my wardrobe space! What an overwhelming yet relieving feeling!

Most surprising thing I bought, I have two, one was bigger size clothing to my typical size. I have come to feel much more comfortable in my size and just buy what fits well now, no more looking at tags! Secondly was the white jeans!!! Never in my life did I think I would rock some white jeans and now I wear them at least once a week and feel fabulous.

My biggest AHA would be hearing you tell me I just need to love what I wear! I can't explain why but it has just sunk in that if I love something I should wear it so now I am!! Brought a wonderful bold midi leopard skirt the other day and it's a new favourite in my wardrobe

After the session I was a whole mix of emotions! I was overwhelmed, exhausted, excited and couldn't stop planning what order I would wear my new clothes in. Getting dressed in the morning is now as easy as brushing my teeth! I walk to work each day in shorts and tshirt and the joy for me is I can just pick out what I like, pop it in my bag and know I will feel good once I get dressed at work.”


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