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Are you ready to look good and feel amazing? I’m Majella from The Stylery Co. and I am so excited to be here to help you find your style and be fearless with fashion.

So… what is style anyway? To me, style is an expression of who you are and something that allows you to communicate and connect with the people and world around you. I am ridiculously passionate about inspiring women and men to be truly, boldly, beautifully themselves. But sometimes you need a little help to work out what that is. So here I am – ready to help; ready to shake your perceptions and approach and definitely ready to help you take steps to create the life you want.

I am all about collaboration, inspiration, knowledge and ACTION. So on this blog, I will be interviewing cool peeps to find out how they did it, what their style is and how they rock out their looks. Then I will take all the crazy amounts of info out there about fashion, health, lifestyle and pick out the best bits. I’ll also be throwing out some practical tips and tricks on body shape, colours, cuts and fabrics and how you can combine all these to create flattering fabulous outfits every time you get dressed.

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Do this when you feel like crying when you look in the mirror!

Five things to feel better instantly!


Let’s be honest, you are going to wake up some mornings and just feel like crap. Everything you put on will feel wrong and you’re hyper aware of all your flaws and perceived failings.

But what happens if this becomes normal and every morning becomes a struggle to feel good and appreciate yourself and your style?

I’ve had numerous clients come to a session and tell me about their daily struggle to look in the mirror without revulsion or disgust. Can you imagine if your friend spoke about herself the same way? Or if your child came to you and said the horrible things you say to yourself?

It would break your heart – so why do we do it to ourselves? Many reasons but we’re not delving into that today. This blog post is about what you can to when you’re stuck in the sad space and share some of my quick fashion fixes that will help elevate and uplift you instantly.

1. Show some skin!

Seriously – it seems counterintuitive I know but by baring a little leg or wearing a lower cut top, you pull focus. So use this to your advantage. If you’re feeling particularly awful about your bottom half, wear a v-neck or cowl-neck top and draw all the attention upwards. It packs even more of a punch if you choose a bold shade that suits your skin tone. Likewise, if you don’t want people to be staring at your face/shoulders/chest – steer them away with some shorter hemlines or sassy heels. I’m not talking indecent mini’s but rather, a bare leg at a hem length you’re comfortable in.

2. Embrace shapewear

Honestly, there is some mental switch that when you VISUALLY look slimmer, you feel slimmer. Now even though your weight and shape don’t define you – if it affects you in the moment, be proactive and alter it a little. Choose fabrics that are breathable and select a style that is still stylish. Just because it’s functional, doesn’t mean it has to be frumpy.

3. Change your hair

To be clear, I’m not saying go out and chop all your hair off or dye it pink (although both those options would definitely add some zing into your day). I’m saying change the style and shake it up for yourself. Especially up styles. By pulling your hair up and off your face, you instantly add height and slim down your face. It’s a weird optical illusion thing but actually makes a difference.

4. Choose clean lines

When you’re feeling bigger than you actually are, and want to slim down, avoid adding any bulk. Avoid anything overly textured or embellished or complicated as these all usually add more to an outfit. Choose simple pieces, in darker tones, with streamlined pockets and buttons etc. Avoid wide leg or stop pipe pants and pick straight or slim cuts, high waisted is usually a better choice too as it draws the eye into your smallest part rather than your hips (which naturally are wider).

5. Give yourself a mental hug

Or a physical hug (although that always looks a little strange haha). But seriously, step away from the mirror and repeat this after me “I am enough, just as I am, exactly the way I look. My beauty comes from both inside and out, and the only person I need to impress is myself.” Your inner dialogue is the biggest single factor in how you feel about yourself and your style. It determines whether you feel fabulous or frumpy, radiant or ridiculous. And the best thing is – YOU get to choose what you listen to. Do you want to keep listening to that awful, nasty, negative voice or would you prefer to tune in on the alternate channel – the voice of your true inner self.

So there you go – my fastest tips to feeling better on those mornings when you just want to cry when you look in the mirror.

Also, it really helps to remember that everyone feels like this but you just can’t tell when you look at their Facebook page or their latest Instagram photo.

That client I mentioned earlier – the one that made me feel compelled to write this blog post – came back to me and shared a story. After her session with me, she made herself a promise that no matter how awful she felt or whatever that nasty voice was saying, she would try to talk to herself the way she talked to her daughter. With unconditional love and appreciation and seeing the natural beauty that each person possesses, just as they are.

If you’re struggling with this yourself, get in touch and let’s have a chat about what we can do to help you look and feel truly beautiful every single day.

Love love

Majella x



Winter Skin SOS

Winter has finally arrived (and let’s hope it stays for longer than two weeks. I need to wear my oversized knits and leather pants for as long as possible)!

This is the season for beautiful coats, cosy knits, lovely layering and warming jewel tones but it can also mean dry lips, unruly hair and dull skin.

I’m one of those ladies that feels the cold and my skin dries out in an instant. So I’ve tried it all – from home remedies to the expensive potions – but here are some of my favourite winter quick-fixes that will have you looking and feeling fab in no time!

1. E.L.F Lip Exfoliator

Kiss dry, chapped lips goodbye with the Lip Exfoliator by E.L.F. Seriously love this and I only just discovered it courtesy of my friend Liv. Packed full of delicious ingredients like grape seed oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil and shea butter – this tiny stick of amazingness gently exfoliates your lips, making them silky smoooooooth! Plus it smells and tastes great (although I’m not sure we’re not meant to be eating it!!).


2. Lanolips Lip Ointment

After you exfoliate your lips, it is important to apply a hydrating lip balm. Lanolips are a 100% natural lip ointment that softens and heals dry lips and leaves a smooth protective barrier for maximum nourishment. These beauties not only smell amazing but come in a range of softly-tinted colours – who knew a lip ointment could look so good? Choose a colour that enhances your skin tone, adding warmth and bringing back your glow.


3. Grown Alchemist Hydra-Repair Day Cream

Constant exposure to warm indoor heating can often cause havoc to our skin. If your normal moisturiser just isn’t making the cut, try switching to a heavier one during the cooler months. Grown Alchemist’s Hydra-Repair Day Cream is wonderful, even more so because the name sounds so cool. Containing only the good stuff (a scientific combination of organic ingredients), this anti-aging moisturiser will leave your skin looking hydrated and feeling revitalised. I’m also a fan of simple monochromatic packaging – gets me every time.


4. Sk-II Facial Treatment Mask

Skin looking a little dull? Why not pamper yourself with this luxury face mask. Praised by makeup artists and celebrities, this mask is jam-packed with vitamins, mineral and amino acids. It works to hydrate, replenish and clear your skin giving you that “yes, I drank eight cups of water and got 10 hours of sleep” radiant look. I was obsessed with SK-II for a while there and used the whole range – but now I use just the masks, especially when I’m travelling. It literally will make you look fresher, younger and more glow-y (I’m pretty sure that’s not a word however).


5. Aesop Rose Hair and Scalp Moisturising Masque

Anything by Aesop and I’m in. This one is definitely not the most romantic product – (dandruff and scalp dryness is not a sexy topic) but dry hair and scalp is a common nuisance especially in winter. This masque smells divine and will leave your hair feeling super soft, whilst soothing and moisturising your dry little scalp. Hair masques can be a timely process (you should apply them once a week and leave them in for 15-30minutes) but believe me your hair will thank you for it. And you know you were going to be on Instagram anyway so why not multi-task and make it productive!



What are your favourite winter products? I’d like to hear – I love a good rave review. Let me know in the comments below or connect with me via my Facebook or Instagram.




Looking Boot-iful this Winter


As the months get colder, it’s time to put aside the sandals and flats and opt for something a little warmer (hurrah!). Boots are a great way to reinvent an outfit but for many of us, they can be a little tricky to style.

Here are a few tips to help you along….




Over the knee boots

This style are huge this winter and look fab when paired with an oversized knit dress or skinny jeans. Feel a little more daring? Pair them with a higher hemline; just make sure to counter your proportions up top with a long-sleeved knit or jacket. This is one of my favourite 

overthekneeboots (Custom)

Riding boots

Classic wardrobe staple and I like to keep the look minimal with a blazer or trench coat, a striped shirt and your favourite dark denim.

classicboots1 (Custom)

Ankle Boots

And finally don’t forget about ankle boots! An absolute favourite of mine, ankle boots can be effortlessly worn with a dress, skirt, jeans … you name it! If you’ve never purchased a pair before start with classic black or tan pair with a small thick heel. Want something different? Opt for an ankle boot in khaki, beige or grey, they will instantly update your wardrobe. 

anklebootscollage (Custom)Witchery, Wittner, Country Road

If you would like to know more or want some exclusive styling tips for this Winter come along to my Winter Styling Workshop.

Will release more details soon! Sign up to our email to be the first to know.


5 Style Tips to Boost your Confidence!

Photo 9-05-2015 6 21 33 pm

1. A Bold Lip

Studies have found that lipstick can instantly make you feel better. Once you swipe on your favourite bold hue (maybe red, fuschia or deep berry) we instantly feel more self-assured and attractive, even when faced with the most daunting situations.

Photo 9-05-2015 6 21 27 pm (Custom)

2. Colour your way

Throw on a colour which YOU love! You might crave pink, or be drawn to black or feel sassy in red…. Whatever it is, put it on and you will immediately feel better.

Photo 9-05-2015 6 21 02 pm (Custom)

3. The statement piece

We all know I’m not one to shy away from a statement piece. When you put on a unique piece that you love, you start to embody your true self and that authenticity is so gosh darn appealing. It’s like instant beauty + your best attitude.

Photo 9-05-2015 6 21 37 pm (Custom)

4. Your favourite jeans

There’s something comforting about wearing your favourite pair of jeans. Whether they’re skinny, ultra baggy, leather-look or flared, they just hug you in all the right places and we all know that when you feel good, you radiate confidence.




















 5. Shapewear

Shapewear has come a long way over the last ten years. There are so many styles, sizes, and colours to suit all bodies or occasions. Why not slip some on, get into your favourite fitted dress and flaunt those curves like Sophia Vergara (she’s been a fan of this wardrobe staple for years!)


Photo 9-05-2015 6 21 23 pm (Custom)

Do you have a list of things that are your go-to confidence boosters? Would love to hear them in the comments below…

Why it’s important to know where your clothes come from.

thestyleryco - doyouknowwhereyourclothescomefrom

Shopping with awareness is important on so many levels.

Like food, if you consume it too quickly, you don’t appreciate it. And that seems to be the direction many women are heading in when it comes to buying.

We’re buying more, but buying less of what we love. When we buy a piece of clothing we’re often buying it based on how it looks, how we want to look, or sometimes the brand. We often don’t consider the process involved with its production, specifically in terms of its human and environmental impact. Eeeekkkk! Let’s stop this today.

It doesn’t help that many fashion companies are not forthcoming about their production processes and more often than not outsource their manufacturing processes from overseas. Sadly, this allows them to exploit the use of workers (including children) who are usually paid very poorly and are subject to awful working conditions. This also provides companies with lenient environment regulations that do not monitor their pollution output or contributions. These common and concerning factors ensure that big retail companies can spend very little money whilst earning maximum profit.

Knowing the origin of clothes can help us understand the larger problem at hand and what we can do.

There are many things we can be mindful of before we go out for our next shop and these small things can contribute to a greater difference in the fashion industry.

You can start by researching your favourite brands to find out where their clothes are made and to check whether they are considerate of human rights and the environment. There are so many fast and easy-to-use resources about this now. You can also choose to buy locally from smaller businesses which have a lesser impact on the environment and support both local economies and communities.

Stop, pause, ponder and then purchase. Choose items you love, that you’ll wear over and over again and that were made ethically and responsibly. Now, that’s not going to happen every time. And that’s ok. If we all start making small changes, that adds up to a massive impact.

Want to know more? Head over to to find out about how you can support a fashion industry that values people and the environment.