The Stylery Co School Majella

Welcome to The Stylery Co. School - a safe, friendly, beautiful online home where everyone is invited to learn how to dress to express themselves through clothing and style.

Come in and let's make your style and shopping something that is easy, joyful, authentic and sustainable.

I'm so happy to welcome you to the new online home of all my years of styling knowledge and experience.

This is a new space where I’m offering affordable, interactive and easy-to-understand memberships for anybody interested in feeling good about their style, their clothes and how they express themselves in the world.

I will be sharing the behind-the-scenes, insider information that is usually reserved for my private clients and style sessions. I often share snippets on social media but here is where you can get it all.

Hop over to the site -, make yourself at home, settle in and get ready to have some fun - this is a community where uniqueness, diversity and joyful expression of self is welcomed.

There are no fashion “rules” to adhere to, no trends to follow, no fitting in to society’s conforms - merely some practical insights to help you feel good in what you wear. And there'll be a celebration of your authentic self too. Mostly through clothing. But we might venture into other areas too (who knows - the sky is the limit).

At this stage, as we launch and adjust to what you all want and need, we've started with a few fabulous options on offer from a monthly selection of my fav products to mini style guides + workbooks to help you navigate creating your style to Skype style calls if you want even more guidance and support.

These options were designed directly from feedback from hundreds of women (from my clients to social media followers to friends to people who have stopped me on the street).

AND FOR OUR LAUNCH IN JULY - we are doubling what's offered. So if you sign up in our first month - you will receive DOUBLE the Fab Finds (20 products) and DOUBLE the workbooks + guides (2 instead of 1)

Can't wait to see you at school soon :)

M xx