How to Choose the Right Stylist


"What stylist is right for me?"

This question pops up quite often, usually with people who are just beginning to consider working with one, but aren't sure where to start or how to choose the best person for them. It's such an intimate and personal service, with so much emotion involved, and with so many hopes pinned on the outcome.


There are many reasons why someone might need a stylist, including:

  • To look good for a new position at work

  • To lead a company, or "be the brand"

  • To find themselves again after the chaos of early motherhood subsides

  • To dress a body that has gone through physical changes

  • To reconnect with parts of themselves they have lost

  • To build confidence and self esteem

  • To save time in choosing outfits

  • To influence or project a certain aura or personality

  • To elevate moods and enhance mindset

  • To feel knowledgeable about their style

  • To just enjoy shopping and dressing up


Regardless of your desired outcome of a style session, there is one critical step you must take before embarking on this new journey: you need to TRUST your stylist, and connect with them on a personal level.


At the very least, you need to feel confident that he or she truly gets who you are, understands your problems and your mindset, and can provide practical, real-life solutions. You need someone that will work with you.


Most of us got into this industry because we love to help, we love to see people finally understand their style, and start to revel in who they are. We love to see people feeling good in their clothing, and watch as the confidence blossoms.


It can help if your stylist is entertaining, easy to talk to or tells a good joke (at least, I like to think so - because that's the kind of stylist I am!)


I also think that a truly great stylist will push you out of your comfort zone; will challenge you to confront your old thoughts about your body or appearance, and be honest with you about uncomfortable topics. Guilt, fear, shame - these will come up in a session, so you want to be with someone who can handle these, but also give you the space and guidance to work through them.


A fabulous stylist should be able to broaden your fashion horizons, shape the way you see your body, open your eyes to different possibilities and directions. Most of all, they will celebrate all the diverse aspects of who you are.


So when choosing a stylist to work with, look for one that connects you to all the parts of yourself, even the ones that you'd forgotten about or dismissed. Choose a stylist that does preparation for you individually, and tailors the session around you and your needs - budget, lifestyle, production methods, and fabric choices are just some of the considerations to be made.


Find someone who just gets you. Someone that you can be yourself around.


If you can't be comfortable, and somewhat vulnerable around your stylist... They're not the right one for you. A powerful stylist will help you move through that vulnerability and uneasiness, and turn it into confidence and a new sense of self.


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