It's Flashback Time...

Flashback Time

I came across this photo of me with my stunning lady friend, Lu, when we went out for the French Film Festival opening night of the Alliance Française de Brisbane.

Completely by accident, we both happened to turn up in bold, colourful statement prints; and yet, we look so entirely different. Both of our outfits were purchased during travels - she picked up this fantastic jumpsuit from a boutique in Zanzibar, while my skirt was a purchase from an Anthropologie store in LA. There are so many memories wrapped up in the fabric of these clothes, which brings a whole new dimension to our outfits.


What really strikes me about my outfit choice wasn't the history behind my skirt, but the print itself. You all know that I'm a monochromatic girl at heart - give me some solid black and white print any day! But this skirt is a complete departure from my typical style. So what made me pick this particular piece?


The funny thing is: as soon as I saw this skirt, I loved it.


Yep. Even though I'm all about that zebra print life, I saw this loud, red, FLORAL (so, so floral!) print and I immediately knew that it was special. And yet, I still wandered around the store for a while, to avoid trying it on…


Even a stylist gets nervous about new things!


But… in the end, I simply couldn't resist its pull, and I took it to the change rooms. I was wearing ankle boots and a jumper at the time, and it looked fabulous with them; so I knew it would work as a trans-seasonal option. From summer, with a singlet and sandals, to winter, with boots and a knit pullover - it was versatile. It was perfect.


My body felt good in it, I loved the way it made my skin glow because of the warm tones, and I adored how it made me feel feminine and elegant, but still modern and sophisticated. It checked all the boxes. It was decided: the skirt was coming home with me.


Because I do this for a living and I guide so many women through the same process - I know what it looks like when something just works. I also know how it feels from personal experience when clothing just clicks with who you are. And I endeavour to teach my clients how to find that feeling and trust their style instincts when they're shopping or putting outfits together at home.


I can go deep with this stuff because I'm so passionate. But in the end, it's really simple. Wear what you love. What you love to look at, what you love to feel, what you love to wear on your body. Life is complicated and complex and confusing - but your style, your wardrobe and what you choose to wear doesn't have to be.


Make it simple. And then go have a glass of champagne and a macaron. Gosh, that combo is delightful (and that's how we ended our evening - on a bubbly sugar high!)


Love what you wear, and wear what you love - even if you can't explain why you were drawn to it!

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M xx

Majella McMahon