Strategic Sales Shopping


Clothing, shoes, accessories, jewellery, and more… when it goes on sale, it can be so tempting to just buy one of everything. When we see those huge signs saying 70% OFF, bright red and flapping, or pasted all over the windows - I mean, how are we meant to say no?

But just because something is heavily discounted, doesn't mean it's a good buy.


I have met so many women, across all walks of life, who have made purchases during a sale… and they have never worn these clothes. I'm talking sit-in-your-closet-for-five-years, literally NEVER WORN THESE CLOTHES!


So why? Why does this happen?


My theory is that most women don't have a strategy when shopping. This makes it all too easy to be influenced by the sway of those sale signs. It's really quite difficult to remember what you truly need when you're wandering around a store that's filled with pretty things, all begging to be purchased at bargain prices.


Going in without a plan can be a dangerous game. So I decided my clients need a strategy when it comes to shopping the sales, and this is what I came up with:


The Plan:

Go to your wardrobe.

Look at all the things you want to wear, but don't because you're missing something. Then, add that something to your Strategic Shopping List.


For example:

You have tons of lovely tops that are beautiful and dreamy and amazing… but your jeans are saggy, stained, too big or too small, or just plain don't fit right.


Guess what goes on that Strategic Shopping List…


JEANS! You got it.


The same theory applies to other outfits:

If you have lots of dresses but no shoes that work for day time outings… shoes are on the list!

If you have lots of skirts but no tops that tuck in nicely… tops are on the list!

If you have lots of light shirts but no winter wear… woolly jumpers and jackets are on the list!


You see what I'm saying here.


You'll only remember what's missing, what elements you need, and what's truly necessary when you are looking at your wardrobe in front of you. My advice is to write that Strategic Shopping List, and keep it somewhere accessible: in your purse or wallet, or even as a file on your smartphone or tablet. The money you can save during sales when you actually buy the things you need is phenomenal.


Still feeling overwhelmed?

I wrote a little guide on how to successfully shop the sales. Get in touch to grab your copy now!


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M xx

Majella McMahon