Skype Your Style

The ultimate in convenience, this session is done completely in the comfort of their own home and at a time that suits them. Stay inside and I will create a style that she will love!

Who is this for? Ideal for the woman who needs guidance, clarity and help with identifying her style and then how to shop for that style. This is an introductory type session that identifies colours, shapes and styles from the comfort of their own home. Ideally done in front of their wardrobe – in the session we will go through their past clothing choices, what’s worked and what hasn’t and WHY, and then create a strategy for what to shop for. We will also create a shopping list full of items that will flatter, fit and make her feel fabulous.

What does it involve? 60 minutes with me on skype, talking through your wardrobe and current style choices and creating a plan for how to create your ideal style. I will examine their past clothing choices, why they have kept certain items, identify habitual shopping and dressing habits that work against them and then compile a list of item that do work and are versatile, easy to style and quick to buy.